What is Wibble Waggle?

Wibble Waggle is a free platform for entrepreneurs to showcase new startups and find their initial set of early adopters and company evangelists. We love startups and we’re here to be a catalyst for your success.

How does Wibble Waggle work?

Wibble Waggle works by allowing startups to create and share a company profile with our community. By doing this, startups find people interested in what they are doing, and create powerful traction.

Our community is filled with people who love being ahead of the curve in the startup space, and who constantly want to be the first to know about amazing new products and services.

Who sees my Wibble Waggle page?

Once you’re live, you can be seen by our entire population. We designed our platform to help the best pages rise to the top, so the more people that like your startup, the more people will see your profile.

What is an Upvote?

Upvotes are the way to tell a startup that you like what they’re doing. If a startup is doing something amazing or noteworthy, simply click on the upvote arrow and show your approval. Upvotes help startups, so be generous.

What is a follow?

The follow button is a simple way to show a startup that you want to stay updated on what they’re doing. When you follow a company, you enable them to send messages right to your email box so they can let you know about sales, updates and company progress.

How long is my Wibble Waggle page active?

There is no limit to how long you can have your Wibble Waggle page active, and you can update your page at your discretion. We recommend keeping your page as long as possible in order to stay viewable to our community. If needed, you have the ability to take down your page anytime.

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